Thursday, May 17, 2018

#100daysofstitch : Week 6

Lovely stitch inspiration this past week. Our annual Tote & Gloat quilt show was on Saturday. I did a complete post of inspiration from the day HERE in my previous post. 
I've been thinking about creative priorities and how I can achieve more in the time I have and focusing on one project at a time seems to be more effective than jumping around between several projects. Jessica Abel's free mini course called Creative Compass focuses on why you should have one creative goal, and how you can choose that goal. If you just want to find out about why you should concentrate on one project at a time, read THIS. So, no further progress to share about my next quilt, but definitely lots of progress on my cotton reel book.
I added hand stitching and button embellishment this week and am very pleased to report that I have now done my entire base layer length - had to photograph in 2 parts and they look tiny but you can see larger if you click on the photos
I have gathered some materials for next layers, so I'll be concentrating on adding those in the hopes of sharing the completed project very soon.
I'm still calling these posts #100daysofstitch although I've stopped counting days. I hope to continue to post weekly about stitching projects in progress.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Quilt Show Inspiration

Just had a lovely weekend which included quilts and family together ♥ On Saturday, it was our quilt club's annual Tote & Gloat day. The morning is a couple of hours of people showing their quilts, then there's lunch and a speaker in the afternoon. This year it was Lynette Anderson from Australia and she was lovely sharing her journey and her design ideas. All around that there are shops, raffles, and other displays to look at. This is the show through my eyes. Click on any photo to see it larger. We arrived early so we could do some shopping - and there was lots to choose from
I only purchased some yellow fabric to tone with these poppy fabrics for my next quilt
We had to vote for our choice in both the club challenges. These were my favourites from the Trippy Triangles challenge : "Varlet Farm in Summer" by Erilyn McMillan
"Triangles Galore" by Anne Adams
"Colourful Trippy Triangles in Autumn" by Sonja Revell
There was also a button challenge. This wasn't an entry, but so cool to have on display
Check out the club's blog post HERE to see all the prize winners at the show. Was lovely to see all the quilts made in the past 12 months - they are held up and spoken about on stage and then most are hung afterwards for closer examination and enjoyment
Each year I'm interested to see what inspires me most. Unfortunately I can't credit these since they are shown and then hung without labels. 
I love applique, colour, quilts that are pretty, and quilts with simple but effective designs for 'stash-busting' (I need to start using up my rather large collection of fabrics!)....or some combination of those things ♥
And this is my lovely friend Marion with her stunning work : 
There were several extra exhibition displays this year. I'm just going to share a couple. This was the Orange challenge from Aotearoa Quilters.
These are the winners of this colourful challenge : 
I was particularly taken with this wee quilt - techniques used to lovely effect
and I've been thinking about combining my love of faces with quilting so also inspired by this 
and these from other challenges exhibited on the day which did have labels : 
"Breathe" by Joy McFadden from Australia (Brother Quilt challenge : Outstanding performance award)
"A Granny" by Clare Smith, Wellington
"Most Fragile" by Sandy Briggs
That's all the quilt inspiration, and this is the family love from my weekend. Hope you had a happy mothers' day. This was me on Sunday with my two gorgeous boys and my lovely mum. 
Wishing you a creatively inspired week.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

#100daysofstitch : Week 5

I decided to join #The100DayProject and my focus is #100daysofstitch. This came in an email from the project co-ordinators today : 
My words of encouragement, to myself, are that I need to do what works for me. I am happy that this project has already served its purpose in bringing stitch back into my creative life. I'm still calling these posts #100daysofstitch, but I've stopped counting days and have decided instead that each week I'll just do a summary of progress with stitch here on the blog. Hopefully sometimes that will be replaced by a whole post celebrating a completed project. I am growing and learning as I go. I have done more stitching on my paper and stitch cotton reel book. Base only - will get lots more additional embellishments and layers.
I am loving the colours and my progress, but learning that I need to decide on one stitch project at the moment so I can see more progress to motivate me. I spend some of my valuable creative time dithering about which project I should be doing!
We have our annual Tote & Gloat quilt show on Saturday. We take quilts to show that we've made in the last 12 months and this year I don't have one to show...I'd like to get back to making more than 1 quilt a year!
This is my disappearing 9 patch from April last year. Still love it ♥ Have begun to cut out my new quilt, but now think I will concentrate on finishing my stitched paper first and then have this project lined up next. 
In the meantime, I've been sharing my quilting love with my craft club students at school. They are all very enthusiastic about pattern possibilities and happily chose fabrics on Tuesday. Just need some adult volunteers to help as they start to cut and sew with the machines. I hope they get that support.
Loving my creative journey ♥ Talk to you again soon.
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